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Minimize the Cost Maximize the Benefit!

VE Advisors provides high quality CFO, COO, financial advisory and accounting services to early stage, emerging growth and transitional companies.
We help companies build successful financial and operational management. We provide first class professional services as an extension of the internal management team. We help clients address key issues and capitalize on opportunities, and we do it in a manner that helps ensure the long-term health of the company.
Based on clients needs, we place a customized combination of CFO, COO, Controller and accounting personnel at a minimum cost basis to deliver comprehensive finance, operational and accounting solutions. We provide strategic and financial planning and analysis, reporting to management and board members, and everyday operations and accounting support.
We support transitional companies through the difficult process of managing and implementing strategies to control their cash burn, reduce their operating expenses and navigate required debt restructurings and equity raises.

Minimize the Cost

You only pay for time that our services are utilized. There is no minimum time requirement. Engagements can be on an as-needed basis or a fixed number of days per week.

Maximize the Benefit

Extend and enhance your management team. We can provide the complex operational, international, financial, and business development work while maximizing your internal resources for those day-to-day tasks vital to your business. Previous engagements have included being a part-time CFO, COO and controllers for one or more days a week.





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