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VE Advisors Inc.

Ten Business Principles

  1. Make it transparent to our clients that we are part time.

  2. Everything we do is our best work.

  3. We work as a team and cover obligations for each other to the benefit of the client.

  4. We have a responsibility to be cost effective.

  5. Every decision we make is for the best interest of client–even if that means we suggest that they replace us with full time resources.

  6. We are in this for the long term–all of our decisions are made in this context.

  7. We give priority to clients whose issues are the most pressing.

  8. We only engage and maintain a relationship with clients that are honest and trustworthy.

  9. Clients have a responsibility to treat us with respect–including our personal time.

  10. Clients have a responsibility to compensate us fairly and pay our invoices on time.


Our 10 Business Principles

Ten Business Principles
VE Advisors, Inc.

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